Turns out, as bad as it sounds that Rinat Ahmetov, Ukraine's richest man made the energy sector his bitch in East-Ukraine, like it or not, that was the only working system.

Given that there is barely any information about what is going on in the separatist territories, we can only guess what the outcome will be of the blockade which led to the DNR's nationalization of companies registered in Ukraine.

Hlib Vyshlinsky economic expert explained how the interdependent energy and metallurgy sectors are harmed by the conflict in a previous video, and how Ahmetov still managed to keep what he had.

In the second video, Hlib explains how Ahmetov's enterprises actually got even richer during the conflict, how the president might have helped him in that, and that as bad as it is that Ahmetov benefited from the conflict, now Ukraine might actually need to trade with the Donetsk People's Republic in the future.

So what is Rotterdam format? As Hlib explains, a scheme that made Ahmetov even richer.

So Petro Poroshenko has the Roshen chocolate empire, which had tripled it's worth since he is president. Roshen has a chocolate box product called Kyiv Night. Well the image says Rotterdam Night. Get it?