I really don't want to hurt anyone's feeling or beliefs, but I can not stay silent after seeing what I saw.

It is a fact, that Ukraine is not a pensioner friendly country. Ukraine is not a friendly country to those who are handicapped, or are homeless because, or not because of their own fault. Ukraine is not a poor people friendly country if you'd like.

And when there is poverty and need, there should be people helping. When it is not the case, a vacuum is created. And South-Korean missionaries are more than happy to fill that vacuum.

For me the following is nothing new, I used to see it all the time in the undergrounds in the center of Budapest. Unfortunately...

Why I decided to share this, is because I think this video says a lot about a lot of things, let it be the case of Ukraine, Hungary, or any other country in which these pious people from Korea appear.

The situation is just so ridiculous, that I don't know what to say either about the Asian men of God, or the situation which leads to it.

The following was filmed during a stroll in the West-Ukrainian city of Lviv, something like 200 meters from the very touristic and beautiful city center.