Ilya Bogdanov is a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service, the main successor agency of the KGB. Yet, when the conflict began,
he came to Ukraine to take up arms against his country of origin.

Needless to say, he gained fame in no time, since he was an instrument for Kyiv to counter the Russian propaganda about Ukraine.

As I heard, he is the only Russian volunteer who gained Ukrainian citizenship, got the passport personally from President Petro Poroshenko.

Ilya fought where the fighting was the heaviest in the beginning of the conflict, and it is said, as he also claims, there were a few attempts on his life.

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As I understand it, his public appearances came to an end after allegedly people hired by the Russian secret services wanted to kidnap him.
He was successfully freed, and the Ukrainian authorities made quite the show out of it, giving the lamest press conference I have ever seen, and presenting an obviously fake video about his retrieval.

One gets the feeling that the whole thing was staged, which could
mean that Ilya was used for showcasing how well the Ukrainian secret service works, protecting the citizens of the country. Something their Russian counterpart would do.

His popularity might have shattered to pieces then, his public appearances stopped right after.

Ever since, he is living life as an average guy, working on a business project.

Regarding the press conference, this Ukrainian anti-government YouTuber just eviscerated it.