So, if you have checked my previous posts, such as this or this, then you are well aware that this blockade thing was the focus of attention in Ukrainian politics.

Now I don't want to go into the whole thing again, I just want to talk about what happened today, 15th of March.

The National Security and Defense Council (SNBO) of Ukraine officially backed the blockade on trade with separatist territories. The authorities closed down all transport routes 'until the integrity of Ukraine is regained'.

Also, SNBO have decided to have a look into banks, which are connected to Russia. This makes a little more sense when it is argued that Ukrainians indirectly pay the separatists. Russian bank has Ukrainian clients, mother company is in Russia, Russia supports the separatists, hence Ukrainian clients fund the separatist territories.

Whoa! So the guys and the blockade won, right? No, not really.

Things were heating up in the past days, those supporting the blockade have been organizing more and more protests, and it seemed (and so did prominent figures at the blockade declare), that the president has no more control of this action, it is out of his reach.

Well, they were wrong.

One possible explanation of why the government had not acted forcefully against the blockade before, is because the consequences could have been dangerous, even could have sparked another Maidan.

Then came Monday, and the authorities forcefully dispersed blockadeers at a checkpoint, arresting many of them. The result, of course, was protests against the Kyiv administration.

It could be that the supporters were provoking such a response from the government, in order to start massive protests, aimed at transforming the government and ousting the president.

So once the authorities "pulled the trigger", there was no way back.

What does a cunning president do in such a case?

He takes over.

The government gave its support for the blockade, and "nationalized" it. From now on, the border between Ukraine and the separatist territories is once again under full control of Kyiv, and its forces will be the ones upholding the blockade. Those activists, who want to continue with their protest, can, but under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian authorities.

The result? The government regained control, satisfied the supporters of the blockade to some extent, and won some time to figure out how to eventually continue the trade with the enemy.

The same thing happened with Crimea. There were activists blockading the peninsula, the government seemed paralyzed, and then eventually went and took over the blockade.

Same thing with the volunteer battalions. Those guys were becoming way too powerful, and way too independent from central command. So what did the government do: ordered them to join the ranks of the army, under the jurisdiction of the ministry of defense. Now you can serve on a contract, so you get even paid, but the government has oversight of the situation, making sure that no kamikaze battalion starts an offense against enemy territory.

So here is the twist. It is hard to achieve anything, when the cunning president simply takes over each initiative deemed challenging to his authority. That But then again, what was the purpose of the organizers of the blockade, what did they expect?

Btw, heard about Kolomoyskiy? Maybe another time.

Sorry guys, but for now it seems, that the loser of this situation was once again Ukraine.