One of the organizers on trade with separatist territories spent the whole day
on trying to get the attention of the people of Ukraine.

2017.02.19. Kyiv - Protesters and activist try to set up tents
next to the building of the government of Ukraine

Semen Semenchenko is a former battalion leader, member of parliament, and an activist.

He and his comrades have barricaded railroad tracks at three location along the border
of the separatist territories.

The problem is that they are blocking the entry of anthracite coal, which is used in many
power plants in Ukraine.

Semenchenko claims that the money the separatist make on the trade is funneled into weapons
used to kill Ukrainian troops.

The government has declared an energy crisis and is talking about potential financial losses, unemployment on both sides of the front line, and serious problems in not only
the energy sector, but the metallurgical industry as well.

Yet, the blockade is still there.