If you are a Ukrainian member of parliament, politician, activist and one of the organizers of the blockade, which according to the official position is more harmful, than beneficial to Ukraine, than here are 11 DO's to make sure that a foreign journalist thinks you are full of shit.

  1. Agree to give an interview
  2. Answer the phone call of the journalist
  3. Set a time and a location for the meeting
  4. Don't show up
  5. Be out of reach for 40 minutes
  6. Pick up the phone after the journalist, whom you stood up, finally reaches you
  7. Say that you are going to call back in 10 minutes
  8. Don't call back in 10 minutes
  9. Let the journalist wait, and don't answer his message, in which he offers to go to any location suitable for you
  10. Pick up the phone 2 hours after the original time of the meeting (which you set)
  11. Say that your car broke down, you can't make it, and immediately hang up

This is how I spent my afternoon while waiting for Semen Semenchenko.

I understand that the man is busy, any politician claiming to fight for the interests of his country should be. And once I got home, my suspicions were indeed confirmed.

He was busy alright. On Facebook. Writing something that the blockade is organized by the people of Ukraine, simultaneously attacking the government and President Poroshenko.

Of course I wanted an interview, and according to his claims, he has all the reasons to give one.

As it turned out, 10-15 minutes before he was supposed to meet me, he just finished a post.

At the time of writing this article no posts have been published on his page, so I'll give him that, it could very well be true that he was desperately trying to fix his car to rush to meet me, being so busy, that he even forgot to simply send a text message saying: 'I will be late, sorry'.

If this was the actual case, then I apologize to Mr. Semenchenko for this defamatory-looking article.

Please do not get me wrong: I am not upset, and I am aware that he would be doing me a favor in giving an interview so that I could portray his country he claims to be fighting for in all of its glory and gore.

Indeed, I wanted to ask him about the blockade, how they are bringing people to the location of it, how and how long they want to maintain it. I wanted to hear him explain his long term goals, his claims about the government and so on. I wanted him to tell about how exactly Ukraine is trading with the separatist, to whom is the war profitable, what proof does he have, and how the conflict should be ended.

I have to emphasize, that I am an outsider, I am someone who has not been constantly following the politics of Ukraine in the past three years.


Since the beginning of the blockade I can not find interviews or videos of him and his comrades explaining these things. Clarifying how the blockade will lead to the end of the conflict. Presenting facts proving the trade with separatists, and how it is good to stop the "import" of coal and metal.

All I hear and see is how these guys are talking the talk, but saying nothing specific.

Let me emphasize again, that I am an outsider, I might have missed something. Then again, this is Ukraine Eye. I show what I see.

So regarding Semenchenko, I hoped he'd take up the challenge and talk the talk on someone else's terms. For example, on the terms of a foreigner.

Unfortunately it seems for now that Semenchenko likes his comfort zone, which includes Facebook, live streaming from Facebook while constantly protected by his bodyguards(?), and eventually getting his ass whooped on Maidan.

I really do hope that he will come out of his comfort zone, and let also non-Ukrainians and non-Russians know about how he feels about his country. I also hope that Semenchenko does not have sinister goals, which he tries to hide by avoiding interviews.

I also hope that other public figures who had agreed to do an interview won't back out of it. Georgiy Tuka kept his word, and there was not a question he did not respond to.