The video portrays events after a powerless demonstration in support
of the blockade on trade with separatist territories.
My Ukrainian is awful, thus I apologize if I misinterpreted a few words, or entire sentences...

Currently the biggest attention in Ukrainian politics is given to the blockade, supported by patriotic veterans, the young and the old alike, blaming the government for... well, for many things. Among them are that the war is beneficial for those in power, and that the coal bought from separatist territories supports the separatists, while only adds to the economic dependence of Ukraine.

On 13th of March, there was a protest for supporting the blockade, after it was announced that the armed forces, or the secret service (SBU), or the police, or all of them together detained around 40 participants of the blockade at Krivoy Torets. Check out short recordings of this here, here and here.

After that, and I am not kidding, a 1000 kilometers away, protesters stormed the regional administration of Northwest-Ukrainian Volinskiy region, occupying the a main hall, demanding the detained to be freed, that the Ukrainian controlled Donetsk region officially supported the blockade, and that the same region's police chief, the chief of SBU and its head of the anti-terrorist center resigned.

Well, the protest on Maidan as a reaction to the measures taken by the authorities of Ukraine against the blockadeers, did not attract too many people, and was more of a demonstration of commitment to the blockade. Those organisations' leaders, which are supportive of the cause were present. But who the fuck would seriously show up at 21:00 on a Monday. Then again, those who count, did.

To quote one member of parliament there, 'the revolution was postponed'.